Combine Hawaii's highest in the nation electricity rates with improved equipment pricing, BlueSky's model of driving out unnecessary costs, amazing tax incentives (even if you have no taxable income), helpful funding options, and equipment that is warrantied for 20+ years, and you have a recipe for great long term savings, fast recovery of any capital invested (often in less than a few years), and high ROI.  Our focus in customer centric system design ensures you get the benefits you deserve out of solar for the long term.



Small business owners on the Big Island, Maui and rural Oahu along with agricultural businesses statewide are eligible for a grant of 25% of their project cost.  In the past 12 months we have helped our customer secure nearly $200K in grant funding, greatly improving their project economics.  This grant is in addition to the already generous tax incentives, of which 24.5% can be refunded back to you from the State even if you have no taxable income!  


HELCO, HECO and MECO are accepting and approving applications for solar.  There are several programs available (including a program that provides credit for exported energy), and we will help you secure approval under the program that best suits your interests.


There are numerous, local funding options designed to help home owners, small businesses, and non-profits realize the benefits of solar even if they don't have the capital to fund the project themselves.  Combined with BlueSky's low project cost model, for families and businesses alike,  you will enjoy more net savings. keep your tax credits, and realize the benefits of owning your system.  For non-profits, we secure funding options suited to your interests at aggressive rates, allowing your organization to enjoy more savings while being protected from many of the issues that often exist in working with third party funding providers. 

Businesses, Non-Profits & Home Owners
on the Big Island, O'ahu, and Maui

Quality Solar without the Fluff!

No salespeople, no expensive marketing campaigns, no exorbitant mark-ups... just solar designed to your needs, delivered simply at an attractive price.  

We Start with


To reverse engineer a solar system designed to suit 

Then secure the providers to best match

Wholesale Equipment Distributors

Quality Funding Providers

Reputable Local Contractors

Managing your project from start to finish so you can stay focussed on what you do best!


Exceptional Value

We have developed a model that cuts all the fluff...

No trained sales people, no fancy marketing campaigns, no equipment or labor mark-ups, no main street fronting office.


We deliver a value engineered system, designed to your needs, explained through simple insights, installed by a reputable, local contractor, with quality components provided by local wholesale distributors.

We make it simple with maximum financial benefits that last!

Quality, Fair Design

We are experts in designing solar PV solutions to your needs.  Rather than represent specific manufacturers, we seek to understand your interests and ensure that those are properly represented in a value engineered solution that includes the equipment and financing (if any) that is best for you.  We do not mark-up or make money working with any particular provider or contractor.  We solely succeed because you succeed.  We believe this makes for the ideal win-win for all involved. 



(and his lovely wife Lisa)

Over the last eight years, Josh has played a key role in the success of hundreds of solar PV projects for home owners, small businesses, non-profits, and large corporations.  He has a keen understanding of all critical elements involved in a successful project, including system design & engineering, finance structuring, performance modeling, equipment selection, contractor and funding procurement, project management, system installation, and system troubleshooting.  Under BlueSky he has developed a unique model and the proprietary design and project management software needed to render a higher value solar opportunity to Hawaii home owners, businesses and non-profits.  Outside of solar, he is passionate in his volunteer coaching of several volleyball programs, music ministry leadership, and as a supporting leader in Lisa's Environmental Club (through Sierra Club). 




"BlueSky made the process of understanding and securing solar simple and without the typical sales pressure.  They also got my project done at more than 25% less than solar sales proposals I had received."
"Josh, I want to take this time to thank you so much for your professionalism and follow through.  I don’t meet too many people like you that follow through with everything they say or represent and are so competent in what they do."
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