As exposed on our Truth in Solar page, there are a lot of misnomers about different technologies and equipment options.  We are generally equipment agnostic, and as we do not resell equipment at a mark-up, we are able to both provide access to and guidance on the equipment combinations that will suit your objectives the best.  We have considerable experience with a variety of different equipment types and manufacturers.  Below are equipment manufacturers we have successfully completed projects with.  Note, we are pursuing access to Tesla Powerwalls as an integration for existing system add-ons and new system integrations.  Tesla's energy storage offering is not necessarily uniquely advantageous over Generac/Panasonic or SolarEdge/LG, but can fill a nice niche.  That noted, they utilize a a closed channel distribution model, meaning they only provide access to limited number of companies, which generally renders customer options more expensive.




- LG

- SolarWorld

- Panasonic

- Jinko


- Suntech

- Hanwa

- Hyundai

- SunPower

- Canadian Solar

- CertainTeed

- JA Solar

- Lumos

- Sharp

- Suniva

- Yingli

- Enphase

- SolarEdge


- Outback

- Generac/Pika

- Fronius

- Schneider

- Solectria

- Tigo Optimizers (as add-on)

- SolarArk (upcoming)

- Panasonic (Generac/Pika)

- BlueIon

- SimpliPhi

- Outback

- Discover (upcoming)

- More

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